I gave my eyes to love and this Made it hard to see Then it took me prisoner But I named no names I afforded it my words They were taken and burned My poetry a torched Muslim villager Her body a cloud of pain My life was torn Between torture and escape      […]

An old lady with a brown shopping-trolley is crossing at the lights. She turns and waddles towards the tram-stop where I am standing. Most commuters have already left, and the traffic has begun to thin. Warnings of high storms and damaging winds forecasted for the late afternoon took over the airwaves and every messaging medium […]

The sweetest chatter I ever knew Was in the dead of night By parties also that I knew: Poplar leaves and wind A flurry of wit, repartee, Laughter, mischief      

It was easy to meet you, easy to absorb Every word from your nib, have them dissolve Like food into my flesh. It was easy to feel The past in you, touch the ache knitted between Your brows, the path, the time. It was also easy To want to take your life into mine, easy […]

yes but even the gre (clou ds) yest s   k   i   e   s (scra p i n g) can (t he) not quite bl ot (gro und) out the glow in my heart

The present moment says: But what’s all this fuss about me? I am an eight-year-old girl raped and killed in India by multiple men. I am the waters off Europe where bodies are floating. I am a tent-site along the border rupturing with the land-less. I am the future marching for a right to live. […]

Before dawn, My heart still picking Her way over The rough ground Of uncertainties, I found myself Meandering along Verdant streets Of his lush poetry   When morning came,   And light, Deepening, Seemed to walk down An U      n      e      n      d      i    […]