I got off the city-tram last night, and turned up a narrow alley-way, that led to the bus-stop for my connecting ride home. The doors to coffee-shops were closed; a black umbrella lay broken in one corner; and on the concrete ground was imbedded a message of the heart. Somebody loved somebody who loved her art. Beyond the lamp-glow an abstract shape was pressed up against the wall. One face disappeared into another, his body heaving against hers. As softly as I could, I padded hurriedly away. At the top of the road I stole another glance: there, the past gathered out of the darkness, and the dead raised itself in front of me, and the dead and the past flowed into the present among the alive, so that I had for an intense instant a vision of denseness, into which I became compacted, from which I could not escape, and had no wish to escape.


  1. You portrayed an emotional moment beautifully, Vera. It reminded me of the dramatic scene in the film “Atonement”. Entering the abandoned little house on the beach of Dunkirk, during WW2, Robbie was surrounded by the love scenes of a film. It was overwhelming, both for him and for me.

    I resonate very much with your thoughts, and feelings. Much love ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much, Isabelle. I love reading your comments. You read me as if I were the back of your hand. Lots of love ❤

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      1. ❤️❤️

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  2. VERA!!!! I came looking for You about a week ago to play catchup and couldn’t find Your blog! Maybe I screwed up and typed in the wrong address or maybe You took a break? Anyway…YAY!!! I have been sending You hugs and smiles anyway and am so happy I tried again today! This piece absolutely swallowed me whole. You took me all the way there.Amazing. ❤️

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    1. Haha… yes, I took a long break, Katy. It was needed and good. Thanks for thinking of me. 😀

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      1. So happy You did! I totally get it and am just so happy You are back! YAY!!! I hope it was restful and that all is well. Sending You huge buckets of hugs and light!!! 🤗✨❤️

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