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it is a long time since we saw daybreak so no wonder we think it beautiful when, looking ahead, there it is suddenly: ribbons of gold and rouge spreading behind the hills, slowly unravelling, perfumed, gay, and a soft light touches your face and our memories of a deep, remote, unceasing river i love your […]


at this meditation lesson you pay what you want at the front desk and let the guru make you sit for hour upon unbroken hour with the one object: watch your breath my buttocks hurt my legs go to sleep frustration’s winning out “sir, where’s the peace?” * * the ducted heating coughs out stale […]

Best Friends

I am sitting here and the pale night-lamp, pretending to be day, spills over the desk. Leaning back on its paste-board support is a picture in a frame of Melissa and I, both in our stiff-collar, high school uniform, my hair pulled back in a pony-tail, hers in a short bob framing her face. Ironically […]