to-do list

blouse button black thread
lock up the alter ego
sign repatriation papers with life’s purgatory
re-pot the dandelion
water the peace-lily
push the waste-bins out
leave the empty recycling-can
fold the week’s laundry
reorganise the mind’s drawers
call your mother
charge the mobile-phone
clean the bathroom-mirror
love yourself
wipe down the pieces of your personality
dust the old chessboard
fill up your imagination
service the car’s ignition-switch
use a to-do-list app
walk barefoot on the grass
soak in a bath of Goethe
bathe in currents of Bach
vacuum the carpet of yesterdays
stack the pantry with literature
pay your credit card bill
forgive a debt owed to you of long ago
try to remember what it was for
donate shoes that never fit
borrow somebody else’s for a day
tick everything off
write a darn poem


  1. I grabbed your To-Do List and pinned it on the wall in my kitchen. Most points are relevant and some of them are of crucial importance. I read them out loud:
    – Reorganise the mind’s drawers
    – Love yourself
    – Wipe down the pieces of your personality
    – Fill up your imagination
    – Walk barefoot on the grass
    – Soak in a bath of Goethe
    – Bath in currents of Bach
    – Stack the pantry with literature

    Gosh! Eight points already, I’m not even half way through…

    Action! Go!

    Thank you, Vera, for this funny and thought-provoking To-Do List. 😊

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    1. Ha! Thank you, Isabelle. Yes, those are the important ones. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much, dear friend.

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  2. Reminded me of a song where a mother who lost her kids (her family) with the house empty now finds solace in doing things when she had them like ironing their clothes, making beds and keeping the house clean.

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    1. Yes, there is solace to be found in doing the chores, sometimes.

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  3. VERA!!!! You just made me cry happy tears. I LOVE this. In a swarm of SOOOOO much to do. Days booked from rise til sleep. It will end soon but…You just gifted me a great laugh and such a beautiful reminder. And it’s so cool that Isabelle printed it and hung it in her kitchen!!! Two of my favorite peeps on the same page! Walking away smiling soooo big. Thank You. And Yes. I will call my mother and fill up my imagination and do many more things on Your list. THANK YOU, Beauty. Cheers! 🤗💖☀️

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