Monthly Archives: February 2019


Poetry feels sometimes like an expiation And yet with words of the near-past I’d also been building debt Is this all meant to bring us closer to being an animal That is more right than man Never in embarrassment, always knowing what to do Or when I try here to create you Am I really […]

to-do list

blouse button black thread lock up the alter ego sign repatriation papers with life’s purgatory re-pot the dandelion water the peace-lily push the waste-bins out leave the empty recycling-can fold the week’s laundry reorganise the mind’s drawers call your mother charge the mobile-phone clean the bathroom-mirror love yourself wipe down the pieces of your personality […]

The Gallery of Sin

Clarity is rarely expected A relaxed focus A pattern out of Pale constellation Provocative Understanding I would never ask you to Explain it away What astonishes me is our ignorance Of our will to delude ourselves * * Again I realise how reality Confounds our picture gallery (The one who says we could Make one […]