I sometimes think: it’s just that
We always forget we can never really
Understand anybody
When your wife becomes upset you want to take her to dinner
When your father is disappointed you have done good
And gone bourgeois, it is so confusing
Now just like that is this idea:
That we will forever be oblivious;
For every one thing we think we know
Of somebody
There are a hundred others we cannot think to know
We cannot even know ourselves
We cannot even know ourselves!

Not our words we say misunderstand us
Not our thoughts we judge and manipulate
Those feelings      disguised and beguiling
That are disappointed      become upset
With whom we make pleasantries
Ignore      avoid      walk away from


  1. This is crazy true. I swear. I was JUST talking with a dear friend about this over wine Saturday night. The older we get the more, here and there, we learn about people we’ve known forever. About ourselves. You said it perfectly. It’s absolutely mindblowing to me how desperately we want to put people (and ourselves) into tiny boxes we understand. Impossible. And Lord, I truly admire the people who can stay in the moment….allow each moment to aid the discovery and learning of everyone….to listen, be there and genuinely see ourselves and others anew with every encounter. Is there such a person? I’m trying but catch myself all the time running back to what I think I know. Such silliness. God. Well….You woke me up this morning! Your words set my mind/heart on fire! Thank You, Beautiful Vera. I hope You have a fantastic day!!! Cheers. 🙂

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    1. Wow, Katy, I love that phrase: to listen, be there and genuinely see ourselves and others anew with every encounter. Thank you, Katy, you’ve just summed everything up perfectly. 🙂

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      1. If I could only remember to practice it in every moment!!! 🤣❤️🤗

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  2. True…it’s the most incorrect statement that “I know him well”…hell no one even begins to know himself let alone others…well said…🤘✌🤘😀

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    1. Isn’t that true! Thank you, Sundaram.

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      1. Indeed Vera…You’re welcome…✌:-)

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  3. Your words went straight to my heart, Vera. Sometimes I wonder why my kindness and compassion isn’t appreciated? Can’t people sense my good intentions? No I have misunderstood them, the way I’m misunderstood, so many times. This is a mind blowing post.

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    1. Or, perhaps, even the way we misunderstand ourselves. Thank you, Isabelle.

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