awake with night

i shiver under the covers so i
get up and put on a jumper
the roads are quiet

the street light spreads silver across the lawn

in chilly october and i have some warm milk
hour after hour passes by i read a little Roth
and a short story by Chekhov then a poem by
DH Lawrence the cold twists my shoulders and i
sneeze twice it is odd i am not panicking not angry i
am for once truly at ease being with this darkness
instead of trying to sleep her away or grasp her between my fingers

she is rather harmless, really

already she is thinning slowly
i will watch her go

the first tram trundles to a stop
picks up an early passenger and rolls away
i boil myself an egg and start writing this
“i do this i do that” poem

the sun is awake

tomorrow is waiting to come in
nights have more comfort than i know these days


  1. It’s art but I’m sending love and hugs anyway; just in case. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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