Monthly Archives: September 2018


On dusty country roads Dad drove us towards Grandmother’s plantation curving between trees past neighbours’ huts where chimneys billowed from hot hillsides and the earth glowed. The sun hung like a yolk spreading; school pressures dodged back as a figure on a platform when the train goes out. And in the car time stood still […]


That’s it for winter, the moment of tyranny draped in white fog, hovering over the land in shifting masses agitating news channels and personal verse. Restlessness waits patiently for summer’s cheerful waves and mating season of birds to course through my veins, and from clarity on time’s vantage point I fold up the past. Is […]

A Few Questions

Is longing a condition of the heart? Or, is it a disease of the mind, like Amnesia that makes you forget old events? If it’s not of emotions Why does the chest experience sensations Of tenderness like a fresh wound? Who suffers from it? Who doesn’t? Are some less vulnerable than others? I look around […]

the point

even if we knew the children were dirty and hungry the budget in deficit the sewers overflowing and justices unjust even if everything we wrote for it were vacuous our voices hollow, like sound from tiles in a public bath not honest lines with life’s sheer weight behind it even if people and not just […]


the rain falls in sheets the plants and buds swell like a pubescent girl in an outgrown dress the silver is cold windows drip with expression and i am travelling with languor i sit and read an old interview by the Paris Review with William Trevor where he describes short- story writing as “art of […]