Thomas Annan
Close no. 11 Bridgegate 1897. Thomas ANNAN

Obscurity has its story to tell
Like the alleyways in a bustling city

Squeezed away, sagging, watching, waiting
The sun shuns this sliver of humanity

Leaving the narrow line of laundry
To hang in mildewed and fusty air

A slant of light… Earth nudges
Now a window, decay, shadows

Take on ephemeral clarity and
The overnight washing,

Worn thin in places, stirs faintly in the dapple,
Like bodies at dawn, weariness sunk in bones.

They are dying slowly, gorgeously
With the hard labour, the lowering skies, listlessness

Time is ravaging them to frailty
To sheer dust

Supercilious the day glances to see how they are doing
Obscurity has its story to tell


  1. You just broke my heart in Your own, beautiful way. God, Vera. Crystal clear imagery. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

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    1. Thank you very much, Katy.

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      1. Absolutely my pleasure. Always. πŸ’–β˜€οΈπŸ˜Š

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      2. I sure hope my words, “in Your own, beautiful way” didn’t sound condescending. Right before I visited yesterday I learned that the wonderful poet, Paul F. Lenzi, died back in July while I was taking a break. Paul was one of those poets whose work I really didn’t understand. Poetry either touches You or it doesn’t. Thank God there are so many of You with such different styles because we need the poets…it’s important to be understood on that level and there is someone for everyone! SOO many voices out there. Paul was very intellectually based, studied. He had a HUGE following (over 300,000) and was highly published. HIs poems didn’t touch my heart many times….they were so over my head and spoke a different language than my heart does….but it was a delight just reading the words. They were like a beautiful city. It was easy to hit the “like” button every time. Once in a blue moon he would write a haiku or a bullet to the heart poem that was concise and more in my realm of understanding and I’d leave a “beautiful! Thank You!” or such. He was humble and so kind. And somehow, he found time to check out my silly blog every time I posted. That blew my mind. Blogland is a train I can’t catch up with, but try! Anyway, my point is that when I saw Paul had died, I sat here crying. Such a tender soul with a skyscraper mind. Crazy beautiful…his family is keeping his blog alive. Your blog and this poem were the next I visited. And You made the tears come again. Both because Your words seriously broke my heart….and out of gratitude for Your poetry. There are a handful of You poets that I follow who have taken up residence in my heart and who speak in so personal a way. It’s embarrassing to me at times that I can’t find a more creative, varied way to express how wonderful Your poetry is. So please know, there is much sincerity behind those repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated words of praise. And much gratitude!!! Cheers to You Vera, and all You poets who help us feel less alone in this world!!! πŸ™‚

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        1. Wow, thank you, Katy. No, not at all, your words were far from condescending. I know of Paul Lenzi. I had encountered him in my time here. I hadn’t known about his passing. It is truly beautiful that his family is continuing with his blog. Of course I know the sincerity behind your responses, which I have never doubted, nor the sincerity of your friendship which I cherish, for it is with the same sincerity and friendship that I respond to your creativity and talent. Thank you again, Katy, for this lovely message.

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        2. Oh God! Thank You, Vera. I don’t know why, but hearing he died shook me up. I didn’t even really know him. It’s odd how that can happen. Life is so fleeting and death doesn’t frighten me….but sometimes it truly blindsides me when it comes in proximity on any level. It’s so random. Anyway…

          Yay!!! Okay. Onward! And right back at You! πŸ€—


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