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Young smokers, Southam Street 1956 North Kensington Roger MAYNE a slum street-scene in an affluent continent poverty captured in sharp liveliness a chance encounter exciting the photographer’s lens a sense of grim existence comforted by the sharing of secret pleasures between two young smokers lounging close as if on a private yacht maybe, we did […]


a half-eaten sandwich and eyes scanning for his voice which will be precious, like a cold heart o Lord let me feel satisfied for many more days on the company of my other friends my impossibilities held dangerously in their seeing hands is true love there, if not where i thought it was, in which […]


Something healed Something I disguise By somebody strange Next year will I look back on this excitement with sadness? yet the dawn is rippling out in pink and violet ribbons I walk on            head up into it Conflicts silent in words and missiles prepare for the summit History is benign […]


i want three hours with you in a cinema for a long movie or six hours for another one back to back where we will sit side-by-side like children two stars in a playground of darkness the time that displaces a lifetime i promise i won’t lose patience when the story gets dull i will […]


To write so as to lessen the weight time slips through my fingers like so much water To write so as to digest meaning I had been riding backward on a ponderous train To write so as to possess the moment what is tangible in nebulous events and elusive in incident To write so as […]


Close no. 11 Bridgegate 1897. Thomas ANNAN Obscurity has its story to tell Like the alleyways in a bustling city Squeezed away, sagging, watching, waiting The sun shuns this sliver of humanity Leaving the narrow line of laundry To hang in mildewed and fusty air A slant of light… Earth nudges Now a window, decay, […]


My legs are cold and the footpath softly squelches as I walk down the street. Umbrellas nudge me right and left as I pass. The virgin sun makes sleepy patterns on the concrete ground. The air burrows beneath my skin when I push my way into the swallowing wind. The feathery rain draws about me […]


On dusty country roads Dad drove us towards Grandmother’s plantation curving between trees past neighbours’ huts where chimneys billowed from hot hillsides and the earth glowed. The sun hung like a yolk spreading; school pressures dodged back as a figure on a platform when the train goes out. And in the car time stood still […]


That’s it for winter, the moment of tyranny draped in white fog, hovering over the land in shifting masses agitating news channels and personal verse. Restlessness waits patiently for summer’s cheerful waves and mating season of birds to course through my veins, and from clarity on time’s vantage point I fold up the past. Is […]

A Few Questions

Is longing a condition of the heart? Or, is it a disease of the mind, like Amnesia that makes you forget old events? If it’s not of emotions Why does the chest experience sensations Of tenderness like a fresh wound? Who suffers from it? Who doesn’t? Are some less vulnerable than others? I look around […]