Monthly Archives: August 2018


If you have taken this petal for my soul Crushing it between your fingers to stain your lips Know that she’d long ago moved on Down the length of its stem into the earth If you think you can grasp me, think again My life is a wilful flow Broken tap, water rushing from the […]

Deep Heights

Your eyes like sky Mine like earth One marks the height Of a certain depth The other, the depth Of an unimaginable height


For the first time in a long time I am thinking of you Wondering if you too Might have thought about me But even so the me you spoke with Was always my death If you study these pages you’ll say None of this is about me They tell only your story Something separates us […]

Impeccable Craft

I once had a teacher Who perceived with panache The shadows of our faintest emotion, A hungry mind, a heart’s ash A falling tone would rouse him A downcast, silent lid Could make him instruct our thoughts Til all on their own the anxieties begin to cede I will always remember how he’d found The […]


I’d better get going Can I come with you I’m not going home Where are you going Where you said you’d never want to be Why there I will waste away any place else Well I will come if that’s what you really want to do I don’t particularly care But you will waste away […]


Lover of clear edges you cannot know your feelings Feelings are always where edges blur You sit down by the window and look up at the moon’s lid You cannot concentrate The lungs are full of fust, so You walk for hours down the quiet streets, meeting winter’s air Watching darkness thin and colours are […]

dispatch and walk

when the weather is warm i like wearing my light cotton dress                      and nothing else it has small yellow flowers and ends in the middle of the thigh strolling along the air plays softly between my legs and traces out the undercarriage of the breasts […]

Resting Place

Silent heart           Silent breath            Silent bones Silent scalp on silent skull            Inside the skull Walking thoughts            Thoughts that think The most silent of all thought            Conflicts resolved Everything sitting around in […]


There is a stillness nothing can touch I have a body inside my body Something not even my mother knows about Or, if she does, she never once Spoke with it Preferring perhaps the bland outside Die now, silent me No one cares to know your voice My dad, he is dead so long I […]


A face in the dark window: Small, thin, attenuated — Is it mine It is like trying to remember Somebody I had known Who went away I would build up the features Just like this: nose, mouth, and If one concentrated enough, the brow The eyes always escaped me But what changed them Who outside […]