More and more I am aware in recent years
Of so much suffering around us —
The majesty of human suffering,
Alfred de Vigny said.            But as I see it, no majesty
Only powerlessness and events.
The heart in the act of fighting loss
Forced to watch dreams wither away            Succumb to fate
The body in the act of measuring every
Feeling            Heaviness           Isolation against instincts of pain
The act of parting            A stew of contradictions
Trying to let go            While holding on
Yes, Alfred            An empty street here
Insomnia there           Friends, conversations, change
And more           No majesty to this but long, dark, obscure grief


  1. First one to read, and comment. Yay!…very nice. Dark. Should I just see your poems as a work of writing and admire it, or respect the deep underlying feelings and shouldn’t?✌👍👍

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    1. 🙂 Thank you so much, Sundaram. I don’t care what you do, so long as you like it, because that for me is the best compliment.

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      1. I do – each one of them… and they’re always enjoyable…🖖👈🤘✌:-):-)

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        1. Thanks, Sundaram, and I yours.

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  2. I’ve read, and read again and again this work. Vera, I feel every ounce of the weight of your words. This piece so completely captures my feelings…and that is the mark of the maker isn’t it…when the author so completely touches the reader? Yes? What I cling to, is the hope that change will come, and the gravitas of this moment will indeed pass to a brighter future. That’s what I believe. Thanks for framing the depth of this emotion. Really well done…as always.

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    1. Wow, Bill, thank you so much for sharing your feelings and views. I am deeply touched by your sentiments. There is no greater accomplishment for an author than the connection with their reader. And yes, I am certain change will come, if not outside then within, maybe both. I sometimes think about the now-cliched analogy of the chrysalis — as a stage in our personal development or relationship-cycle — the transitional phase between caterpillar and butterfly, an excruciating stage of transformation, but arguably the most important. Really appreciate your compliments. Thank you, again.


      1. Just perfect. Perfect in your thoughts and words. Thanks so much for the insight. I remain a fan…and await the butterfly in us all.


  3. Vera
    This reflection is from a finely tuned sensibility, it’s deep, dark at times, but essentially the truth.
    Excellent offering, My Friend

    Big hugs


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    1. Thank you so much, John. You do not know how much your validation means to me.

      Big hugs


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