Remind me how we sat across from each other
I learning and you teaching

Each testing the precipice of the other’s mind
Fields of creativity under the night-time sky

Living in the spaces between sounds
Knowing fullness of the moon before it rose

Unbalanced by the life inside us
Feeling heavier then lighter

By glimpses of new knowledge and
Old sageness as my head gazes up at you

Open and bright in the slant of dust motes:
A presence like a candle-light if the air were still

Remind me how your directions steered my thoughts
As a private jet            in a style so distinct

With calm elegance            How your voice
Could be trusted to pilot a rescue-ship through

Troubled waters             To handle power tools
To hold a human face             And

How it was as anarchic as African warlords
Yet soft as mornings cut from yellow-and-pink tissue-paper

How its words might carry a well-meaning violence
With such a command of the depths and limits of violence

That violence henceforth became extinct
Many words of which I know by heart

But still I want for you
To tell me, to be near me, to remind me


  1. So strong, and beautiful. As always.

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      1. So perfect…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Deeply beautiful.

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  3. Why must I read, this again? Well..
    because I just to… it’s that good. ,😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why, thank you again, Bill!


      1. Can’t help myself! 😊


  4. Well… it’s just the way I feel.


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