So, where do you get that temper
That thin-edged muscular tongue

Penetrating gaze            Deep eyes
An annihilating infinity from which they come to which they go

Fiery blood beneath caramel skin
Testing honesty, testing precipices, demanding attention

But to write for you a bulky
Bracing poem would be so untrue

To your voice’s sure and steady arc
Your fine porcelain-white nimbus

Even when there is more I have yet to know
And some I wrestle with and I want in this to be true

Then there is one more thing: that character, your warrior’s character,
Despite being at large from the gaol of intimacy

We both think we have permanent freedom from
And perhaps we do            Or don’t we

I think now and again about the future
Whom I have like a guest here at night

Whom I refuse to give the key to the house
Although she sleeps over sometimes, yes

Times when I let her


    1. Thanks. Always appreciate your thoughts. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I have to admit that I keep reading, and re-reading, and consuming the depth of these words. Simply powerful, and gorgeous. Sorry for the repeat visits…it’s just that good. 🙂


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