Monthly Archives: July 2018


One day if that day comes we will be convinced That connection is not an accumulation of contacts But unseen engagement of the heart That realness is finding one another’s words In our own expressions so we cannot tell Where one begins and the other ends One day if that day comes we will agree […]


More and more I am aware in recent years Of so much suffering around us — The majesty of human suffering, Alfred de Vigny said.            But as I see it, no majesty Only powerlessness and events. The heart in the act of fighting loss Forced to watch dreams wither away  […]


My body opens over the city Like the deep blue sky of dawn            Every pore at rest before daylight You are not with me            I have slept through the night And woken up into a peace            Not simply absence of […]


There are times flying in my car Past midnight down the empty freeway When I feel like a warrior With firm grasp of her purpose Foot accelerating towards a destination          a divine calling An illusion borne from speed and loud music Yet under the illusion lies the consciousness That what awaits […]


Remind me how we sat across from each other I learning and you teaching Each testing the precipice of the other’s mind Fields of creativity under the night-time sky Living in the spaces between sounds Knowing fullness of the moon before it rose Unbalanced by the life inside us Feeling heavier then lighter By glimpses […]


There is the fire In the roar of spectators at a game The fire in an icy speech The fire in the red of tomatoes The fire of my mother’s heart Behind the stove The burning of oneself to chase a dream The burning of a dream To find oneself There is the fire in […]


So, where do you get that temper That thin-edged muscular tongue Penetrating gaze            Deep eyes An annihilating infinity from which they come to which they go Fiery blood beneath caramel skin Testing honesty, testing precipices, demanding attention But to write for you a bulky Bracing poem would be so untrue […]