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Against the wall of sleep: Water, white light, silence It is not just silence But its whiteness Water pushed into waves By breath To cross this facade of white silence I have to drown myself


In this open space where light is glowing We are talking We are here The world disappears except for the rhythm Of our thoughts While we talk The sound of phrases turning and anticipation stirring Inside unseen walls With us talking Thinking perhaps of inclement weather Next time or next we return To this open […]

Mystery Blogger Award

  I would like to thank WCS Poetry — Food For The Heart (Bill) for nominating me to participate in this most fascinating award. Bill is the ultimate romantic poet of our century. With exquisite finesse and grasp of the limits and range of nuance, he plunges his readers into the depths of human emotion. […]


She is carrying my ancient joy, and I feel her Touching the periphery of my consciousness when she is near She cycles down a country lane her cotton dress Flapping around her legs She is a child from the wind’s homely womb Born with fire heaving in her belly Its twilight embers flashing and dying […]

5:00 am

There are days when I feel I have everything Even when my hands are cold It is the darkest hour of the night, let it be ours I want to give you something, a small present for the early drive: Disbelieve What seems like the worthiest doubt — A dead man’s words, his memory Floating […]


I am realistic with you          I am a child with you I insist you become stupid with me           I tell you to stop whinging I refuse to take your place           refuse to do your bidding I defy so much I question my motivations […]


Listen, this is it: Solstice for the year Days shall begin to lengthen now             even if The coldest winds are ahead of us Do not be depressed by the sky scraping the ground Shivers that twist your shoulders like ague By the thought it is only June Do not let […]


with one smooth movement you spread my bones in the low, grey winter morning beneath the covers            we are soft and strong            appetites so vast we astonish ourselves fierce and delicate            our heads seem disjointed from the hips to commune […]


Your company is always winter’s open fire where deep things rise, Things I draw upon and become reflected in their glow. It is not just the serrated logs I’ve added that I see there But logs others had, even if they’re now crimson flittered ash. What radiate from the gentle-blue core and orange arms Are […]


Before you, I wrote often in private. I was not concerned if nobody read my poems, only with the poems. My interests were tension, texture, emotional honesty. New words interested me for the effect they might have on those things. Funny, tension seems to alter with what we use to create it. They are not […]