Monthly Archives: April 2018


Our words interwoven The closing of distance And now a brocade In the making Image lacing through image Meanings stitched into the Fabric of our souls All the soft and curious instincts Rendered into a secret language That cannot be hidden from the world Like a Jewish boy and Arab girl Bonding across battle-lines Their […]


She sits at the typewriter By the big window Fingers poised lightly on the keys The distance filling up her eyes For hours thoughts cycle Like seasons made up of Burn and snow as if August and February took twelve months She takes the gaze inwards Catches her reflection In the glass, then Out they […]


thoughts held from the mind wear at the heart the river that refuses to run dries out in the earth so words shall flow till blood drips from the fingers in a language of permission and the present tense * culture = poetry across time or in another parlance c = p x t * […]


our story is not a collection of letters and words, lines of banter, feverish exchange on subjects of interest, routine endings; it is not about works of creativity we put out there in the public domain nor badly hidden displays of love our story is of moods when even superficial are too deep for expressions […]


when the first leaves turn gold or red and city sounds are absorbed by the sighing earth or dark blue floor of stars their tip-toes quiet around an unfinished moon: this is the grey o’clock of shadows between today and morrow, duty and rest first moment of oblivion and the last conscious thought, definition and […]


Words swell with meaning Stretch at the seams The steps that disappear into the sky Taking you to untold heights My heart folded with well-wishes like A hand-written card To have loved you When you didn’t love yourself And still to love But only as personage in the morning news ** Just now Wrote a […]


the dusk is citrus quietly lustrous edible ripe pinks blushing greens blues yellows rust-coloured mandarins against a herd of grazing sheep swollen with w o o l