The present moment says: But what’s all this fuss about me?

I am an eight-year-old girl raped and killed in India by multiple men.
I am the waters off Europe where bodies are floating.
I am a tent-site along the border rupturing with the land-less.
I am the future marching for a right to live.
I am a man, 70 years of age, forced out on to the streets from a rented flat.
I am a man who kills to feed his family.
I am rubble holding in my bowels women and children dead from gas poisoning.
I am a nerve agent that crosses boundaries.
I am a woman without a driplet of milk for my newborn baby.
I am a school-girl raising the child fathered by my kidnapper.
I am a miniature grave. I am the death that stalks.
I am closed doors, walls, patrol guards.
I have dreamed of clean air, clean energy, ecological integrity.
I have dreamed of two-state solutions, co-existence, universalateralism.
I have dreamed of equality.
I am an unseen infiltration, a generation unreformed, deformed, disinformed.
I am a black woman, standing with other people of colour, on the roads of Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee.
There is riot police, there is tear-gas, gun in my face.
I sit in the dust waiting for aid-trucks, grey, exhausted, listening.
I sit in the middle of these words, remorseless, watching myself,
as if at somebody else.


  1. So strong and pure…

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    1. Thank you. Good evening, Bill.


      1. My pleasure!


  2. That was moving. Relevant. Forceful. I went grim reading it.

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    1. That was the whole idea. The grim bit. 🙂 Thanks, Sundaram. 🙂

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  3. Gosh Vera. You just wrote down an experience I have at times….it’s been a while and it was bizarre/interesting/shattering/……?……to travel it with You. Flashes in time where I am hyper-uber aware that at this very given moment anything I can possibly imagine on either end of the spectrum of human behavior is occurring. RIGHT NOW. But the word NOW I’ve always associated with The Peace underneath it all. With letting go. You took so many nightmare nows…a teeny drop in the ocean of incomprehensible NOWs that for some horrid reason don’t stop. I never married it like that in my mind. The PERSPECTIVE of the NOWs that are full of nightmares and pain and ironies we can’t begin to comprehend. Damn. Heart Opener in a different way today. No way to wrap it up. Sending You huge hugs and Much Gratitude for Your crystal-clear voice. ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Wow, Katy, that’s a marvellous response. I was just in one of my maverick moods, provoking thought in a different direction. The sanctity of the present moment should still not be tarnished, though. It is a precious gift of life. Huge hugs back! ❤️❤️❤️

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      1. Hey Marvellous Maverick Vera Word Weilder! (That’s Your super-hero name for the day. Cape is in the mail. 😄) Mission accomplished! You seriously did push my thoughts in a different direction. Cool though. You tarnished nothing, but perhaps opened my heart and mind a little more which is always a good thing! Have I told You You ROCK?!!! Have a great day! 🤗❤️☀️

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        1. Now, I am going to borrow your own line, or it could be your man’s line: Now you are talking about yourself! ❤

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        2. Aw! That’s Bill’s line! I love that! Cheers all around! 🤗💖☀️ Thanks for just gifting my first laugh of the day!!!

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  4. Very impactful, I like the way you start with a wide perspective and narrow it to the particular.

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    1. Thank you, John. So pleased you liked it.

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