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It was easy to meet you, easy to absorb Every word from your nib, have them dissolve Like food into my flesh. It was easy to feel The past in you, touch the ache knitted between Your brows, the path, the time. It was also easy To want to take your life into mine, easy […]


yes but even the gre (clou ds) yest s   k   i   e   s (scra p i n g) can (t he) not quite bl ot (gro und) out the glow in my heart


The present moment says: But what’s all this fuss about me? I am an eight-year-old girl raped and killed in India by multiple men. I am the waters off Europe where bodies are floating. I am a tent-site along the border rupturing with the land-less. I am the future marching for a right to live. […]


Before dawn, My heart still picking Her way over The rough ground Of uncertainties, I found myself Meandering along Verdant streets Of his lush poetry   When morning came,   And light, Deepening, Seemed to walk down An U      n      e      n      d      i    […]


we can look into the river today as into the mirror of the mind thick, dark currents, swirls travelling along the surface gouts of foam as though it had sweat, lathering like a driven horse i can feel it behind my eyes within my skull events shape us like the wind silent, impermanent, profound as […]


Dear V I am writing you as I used to, To ask what you plan to do with your life. Those dreams you had — what on earth happened to them? You behave as if you have all the time you want, This worries me greatly. Fulfilment demands effort. Getting your act together. Seeing things […]

With You

Tuesday in the boardroom The neck-ties straightened Projection lights on For slides charted in grandiosity From a corner The heater vacuously bellows My pulse beats to the rhythm of your drum like summer rain against the screens Funny, this tyranny of materialism How it can leave the heart so warm And full


Our words interwoven The closing of distance And now a brocade In the making Image lacing through image Meanings stitched into the Fabric of our souls All the soft and curious instincts Rendered into a secret language That cannot be hidden from the world Like a Jewish boy and Arab girl Bonding across battle-lines Their […]


She sits at the typewriter By the big window Fingers poised lightly on the keys The distance filling up her eyes For hours thoughts cycle Like seasons made up of Burn and snow as if August and February took twelve months She takes the gaze inwards Catches her reflection In the glass, then Out they […]


thoughts held from the mind wear at the heart the river that refuses to run dries out in the earth so words shall flow till blood drips from the fingers in a language of permission and the present tense * culture = poetry across time or in another parlance c = p x t * […]