No matter what happens with us, your mind
Will always haunt me: sensitive, open
He takes mine into a broad chamber where
I rise and fall to his blood’s beat,
Hear his breath move, cling and clamber there.
Do I give myself to him?
Not as a handmaiden, bitterly and slavishly
But as a child hungry for knowledge.
Yes, utterly.

Then I bear him down my head’s own estuary
Carry him, ferry him to burial subliminally,
Sink into his flesh, engulfed, received by the
Soft girdle of my bones, a cave whose waves
Lave him repeatedly — until
The riving and the emergence
The expulsion and the awakening
The day, the present moment
Remorselessly calls —

Whatever happens this shall be


  1. Nice composition of words.

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  2. Beautiful poetry.

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  3. Love this! Well done!

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  4. you write with such intensity and feeling. I like to feel each verse and to seek within me its meaning.

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  5. You open my heart so wide it is ridiculous. Your words are literally heart opening. Like walking into a room of Love and Light. Each poet has a distinct energy about them for me, and Yours seriously feels just wide open, as far as the eyes can see, Love and Light. What a beautiful dance this poem shares. earthwalking13 nailed it. Wow! Thank You. Cheers! šŸ’–šŸ¤—ā˜€ļø


    1. Thank you, Katy, you’ve made my day. šŸ™‚

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      1. Totally my pleasure!!!! šŸ˜Š

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