It was one of those extremely rare occasions when notes on serviettes turned out as verses rather than scattered words.


how many lifetimes
must we spend
on these endless cycles
of fighting
and making up

The heart is made
to balloon
and collapse
How often
whorling from
escaping dreams it lands
on hard reality

A running away
from feelings until it’s me
I have left behind

A face of a
hundred places
A face of home
Not from it hard as I
try can my
human nature hide

It is sooner a sleepless night went
Than his message came
It is later a long day came
Than his company went
A manipulative beast
This ghastly tick-tock
We call time

It’s like, like he had
Opened the doors to those
Apartments in
My mind I’d
never before entered

A huge joy sank
Nobody saw the last ripple
Her body was never found
Death within

Oh, a discreet grave
There was never a stone
To tell the story
She let no visitors in


  1. I absolutely love the verse and framing of the words!!! Such a rich message for the eyes and mind to consume. Well done!!


    1. Thanks, Bill, deeply appreciate your lovely words.


      1. My pleasure!!


  2. Brilliant ! It gets richer with each read

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  3. Verse 2 is particularly poignant. There are many times my heart would prefer to stay in the dream


      1. And who’s to say which world is more real

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, and I am going to to “create the biggest, brightest, funniest, fiercest damn dragon that I can” on my horrible canvas

          Liked by 1 person

        2. You’ve already succeeded 🙂


        3. And don’t ever stop

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        4. LOL… hold me to account

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        5. I will 🙂

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  4. Deeply beautiful.

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  5. dreaming is much more than a verb or a state of being out of reality. I think he is the beginning of everything. their verses are sewn together and found beyond words. there is an inside in you that pure feeling and dream and reality. always instigating his word.

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    1. that’s very well put. thanks, Fernando.


  6. Lord. This took me all over the place. I read it and had to walk away digesting….came back and read it again outloud. This is wonderful. It stirred up very concrete emotions in me although I couldn’t clearly define what it was saying. My mind tried to latch it onto this relationship and that relationship but Your words fly free, touching so very much. Like an itch I can’t scratch….in that way that art can touch us primally beyond the intellect. Seriously cool……And the picture of how this was born….on various napkins….writing itself….brilliant. Thank You! Sending huge hugs Your way! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You, Katy, I really like the way you articulate your interpretation and feelings. It’s no wonder you are an artist. And a million hugs your way, too. 🙂

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      1. 🤗💖✨

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