Thinking of you is seldom conscious
A pensive spell, slowing-down

Faint squeeze
Of the heart

Pieces of old dialogue drifting
In the nameless waters

Between wake
And unwake

I don’t know I necessarily
Want more of the adventure

What astonishes me is the force of
Emotions from brevity of that closeness


that shape traced on the window
that song we shared over the ether

the name i pasted together
like a child playing with

glue and scissors
that writing in the air with smoke

that waiting

that word chalked in ash
on the glowing hearth

that stillness

this bittersweet smile
tucked firmly in my pocket


  1. if I could choose a verse, one that tells me everything I felt when I read your poem, my choice is this: “What astonishes me is the force of
    Emotions from brevity of that closeness. “You always surprise me in your word and sensitivity, talent and intelligence.

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    1. You are very kind, Fer. I don’t know about talent and intelligence: I was only writing from a recent experience.


      1. well, as my job has always been to read and know texts, I write quietly: you can write, you have talent and sensitivity and you are intelligent. Fernando also thinks the same.

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        1. Thanks, Fernando. πŸ™‚


  2. Ahhhhhhhhh. ❀️

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    1. Thanks, Katy. You say so much in one word. ❀

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  3. Love this!

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  4. Passion burns slowly and deeply in those waters of the mind. Anticipation. Encounters that only heart beats can define. That fierce flame, that song, always smoldering beneath the surface, is yours to breathe in, forever etched in time

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    1. Funny (maybe frightening) how one can find some encounters instantly simpatico, even before the brain has a chance to begin processing; it’s as if the heart knows, or is it the body

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      1. The heart does know πŸ™‚

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        1. Makes one feel emotionally at sea

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        2. Always. But there is beauty in that unpredictability, and the need to follow that passion when it’s encountered, and never waste a second, to drink it all in

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  5. Avinash Kumar · · Reply

    So sweet post.😘

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  6. It’s like reading a journal entry, how sentimental and sweet your writing is, like an old friend. Well done, and thank you for your support for my scholarship award. ❀


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