Despite what people might say
There are things we have in common.
I mean, if you think about it:
The view while living them of
Events through different lens,
The way rest comes from walking
Doggedly with pain, and
How there is magic in the ordinariness of
Time, which you marvel at, watching for the
Very moment that clicks over a minute.
Because of you I notice the
Movement of time
A delicate action I would
Otherwise have missed.

Our language does not always know us:
Sometimes we are a stiff wind
Through a night lantern
That dims and howls
Leaving a trail of smoke and ash
A vacant shell
Barren forever of seed,
Sometimes we are a surgeon’s hands
Righting a baby’s head
In the birth canal. We suck for air.
Words misunderstanding us
make clear water thick;
Miscarried feelings are clouds
We embraced but turned to rain.


  1. Love this! Well done!

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  2. you have a language / writing that goes well beyond the surface of the text. moves on and under, embrace the verses and try to understand my time between the rain that falls and the feeling that time nourishes, and the distance that is present but is not absence. so I feel that the walk is light and serene, the heart continues to beat in the rhythm of the blood flow.

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    1. Very happy the poem has been so evocative for you. Thanks, Fer.


  3. Just gorgeous. Read it twice. You break life down so beautifully. Make me think about things. Came down to tell You how much it touched me and then saw Fernando’s wonderful comment. There’s a crazy lovely dance in Your room happening right now. Gosh. Thanks for starting my day so sweetly…… 🙂 💖

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    1. I have possibly made you feel how your work always make me feel. Thanks, Katy. ❤

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      1. Oh man. You just made my day. Seriously. Thank You!!! ❤️

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        1. You’re welcome, lovely girl. ❤

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  4. Your art requires multiple reads, because it is filled with layers upon layers, which I love. You capture so much in your passages. So many thoughts and feelings. I picture sitting side by side, but communicating telepathically, without words.

    A completeness in life, that words often miss, that “Our language does not always know” that are sometimes “vacant shells” and other times wielded with a surgeon’s precision for birth, only to become: “miscarried feelings” that “are clouds We embraced but turned to rain.”

    So, so powerful. That I quote you back in earnest, that

    “Because of you I notice the Movement of time, A delicate action I would Otherwise have missed.”

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