Monthly Archives: February 2018


Thinking of you is seldom conscious A pensive spell, slowing-down Faint squeeze Of the heart Pieces of old dialogue drifting In the nameless waters Between wake And unwake I don’t know I necessarily Want more of the adventure What astonishes me is the force of Emotions from brevity of that closeness ** that shape traced […]


Stones have a soft centre Their crusts harden away; A house with thick walls and No windows, blocked from Proximity to others. Unknowingly, Feelings become like this: They crawl against indifference Fighting for shelter Making it their cave. It takes fierce intention to force Tulips out from beneath Hard cerebral soil Peel back the petals […]


1. Despite what people might say There are things we have in common. I mean, if you think about it: The view while living them of Events through different lens, The way rest comes from walking Doggedly with pain, and How there is magic in the ordinariness of Time, which you marvel at, watching for […]


The naked eyes of each other’s words Keep us from looking away Long after the last sentence. We sit apart in different corners Of the world Silent upon our tongues. Thoughts hold unspoken meanings Examine every turn of phrase Layer after layer. Sometimes, As if you were with me, I find myself saying, “Truth Is […]


Summer rain is warm Like the heart of my Ma The sky is indestructible Like the love of my Ma Beautiful too is the earth Beautiful, like the soul of my Ma


Sat on the couch this morning, Legs curled up, head in one hand. Glanced across To the table at Work waiting for me, Thought about family I should call. But felt a spectacular urge to do Nothing. Resisted the impulse for Half a minute. Then looked out the Window to the shy garden Beyond where […]


(for simon) words can only do so much write them down letter or poem in the choicest language with symbol and heart if at will they could incarnate into something: an open oath a pair of hands warm and small if it could reach inside of you snuff out the hate heaving just beneath the […]


He is the best line in a theatre-script, popping into mind, given half a chance, from the farthest association. He is a poem folded small and pushed into an imperceptible crack in the corner of a broken house. He is the hands touching you when you are a wall, not moving away but moving through, […]