Monthly Archives: January 2018


Does anybody know if the sun cries Before setting? If it is his runaway tears That stain the skies? Does anybody know if Waves long for respite from their Endless rolling in and moving out? Does anybody know if the rain divulges Secrets of clouds when they fall to earth? If the air ever falls […]


i walk out to the open country: the wind is fast on my face running on and beyond to whom i say i am stuck do things will they get better for me and the wind in her sprightly voice says if you don’t mind i have a life to live places to be


1. the image of him surfaces again from the ripples of chords and notes; circles of calm, a desert spring and here it is: the country i’d exiled myself. amid the turbulence is his gaze his sensitivities and mind and cellphone screen spilling a little light on this room that i call my time — […]