at the bookshop

our eyes
beyond words


inside literature


  1. Beautiful. I love this. “inside literature” really resonates.


  2. See, you said it yourself 🙂


      1. You do make me smile 🙂

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        1. I must be talented in that department.

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  3. I sense a touch of evil laughter, a kindred spirit, perhaps, and you are talented


    1. By the way, it feels funny calling you Stearley now that I know it’s your last name. It’s a bit like addressing your father, or your whole family.

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      1. LOL! Well, you can pick something. Harold was my grandfather’s name, old family name. Funny, his nicknames were Stearley and “HE.” But Harold is ok, or “H,” or you can give me a name 🙂

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        1. Thought of Harley (being a combination of the first three letters of Harold and last three of Stearley) but decided it was too boisterous like the motorbike. Then, decided Sevil was a good choice because Stearley is evil. Only that is a Turkish feminine name. Unless we call you Sev which means love. I think I still like Stearley because that’s the name I think of when I think of you. Besides, it’s your grandfather’s nickname after whom you were named, afterall.

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        2. Hum. boisterous, evil, love. Got to love your creativity 🙂 Stearley is good Vera. And it’s great to know you


        3. Great, looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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