the notes for the poem are the real poem:
guttering candle, postcards, the rain

the mind behind the notes is the real poem
the author is at the gallery

passing from work to work
like still scenes in a movie

the story of the film is the real poem
its narrative arc is changing

the moment of change is the real poem


    1. Thanks, Charlotte. Appreciate the comment.


  1. his poetry makes me enter into the text and in him I find what I need most: life. you instigate with your word the thought, lead the imaginary along paths where photography may be only memory of what once existed. (or still exists?) magnificent text and subtext. my admiration and joy for reading you.


    1. While photography is often thought to capture only a moment in history, it really is a recording of eternal themes like emotions, like the human condition, a meditation of life.


      1. we agree once more. I have made photography my language, my writing. and sometimes my gaze rests on her with longing and hope. feelings that some time lie. I like what you write and feel. thank you so much.


        1. “feelings that some time lie” — a sobering thought that really resonates with me. Thank you.


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