Monthly Archives: November 2017

Forest Poem

Soft, golden sunlight makes patterns with tree canopies upon the forest floor. Young, mid-storey wattle daubs brown and green chiaroscuro with spry clusters of yellow. A delicate wind swings her flouncy, see-through dress about fallen leaves, kisses them on the mouth, glides away. The weather, with his cool, sleepy breath, walks down the path, talking […]


somebody who left a long time ago rapped on my door one grey afternoon. we sat on the couch without a word meeting (sometimes) each other’s eyes yet making like they hadn’t touched. we crossed our arms, paced the room, stared at the floor. if our eyes had been pistols the house would have been […]


i will wade out till my waist is steeped in wild grass; i will hold the moon between my lips jump and pierce through the dead air with clenched abandon to rush against the night asleep in the contours of my body. shall enter those silvery lunar hands and their bright liquid language; will i […]

pi (π)

i a m burst ing with the ir ratio nal num b er less- ne ss of my sel v e s


the sky is fruity res plen dent nimble ripe citrus shy green see-through raspberries gold beneath a pink candy-floss p u l l e d by the w i n d


Tonight, the bar attendant stands idle; The intimate, wooden space is quiet. No loneliness occupies these seats. The last time, I was watching a window That framed the night. Two women left their Stifled dialogues under the counter, went outside, Stood in it. One turned her back, Looked away. Her companion became A frenzy of […]


in the museum of her heart the exit is on f i r e