Monthly Archives: October 2017


across the meandering miles you are with me as is the October sky balmy, starlit, fluctuant. i watched you teach the tall writing-board occupied by truths, theories, thoughts sparkling in the slant of dust-filled light; or during practice, we sat before you, doing caught up in self-doubt, oblivious to what to how, my eyes rising […]


The forest floor has blistered our feet. It feels as if we have seen each other lifetimes ago. We exchange a few awkward words. You scribble on the bark of every tree. Another language drifts in the verdant air but neither of us can speak it. Mostly we keep to ourselves. The patchwork of leaves […]


He is sitting on rocks by the bay; In this light I feel I can see who he is: One of him is a fisherman, his arms able from Hauling ropes, driving harpoons, pulling sails Are showing a gathering crowd all they know Another one of him is also able also brown His face a […]


grey s kies and cold e very w here except in t he r ose a b e e dr ink i n g


somebody once said we carry from city to city our invisible luggage that looks at first like everyone else’s but you know what is left unclaimed from the airport carousel will eventually come back round: curiosity curiosity curiosity


The cat, cold and impervious, dozes through my upsets, my restless pacing around time, my smiles and thoughts that fill the air. She knows — if my arrogance allows it, I know it is untold clarity I can find in her eyes: that mislaid messages are life’s greatest tragedy, that honesty lies in the outermost […]

your voice —

precisely as i remember it — only now, stronger still, more nimble, like hands. in this voice people put their future (or in many voices like this) drawing them up from invisible wells, steering wheels out of labyrinths, holding a human face. such voices could pilot helicopters through crises-riven regions on rescue-missions, carry out open-heart […]


A top-of-the-range microwave A fame-seeking humility A dream holiday on a one-way ticket A perfectly made bed with soiled sheets An opera whose orchestra is on leave Last chapter in the book after the plot’s ended A wedding-ring in the safe-deposit box A school of self-destruction A secure house locked from both inside and out […]


such wr o n g-nes s the cobbled s treets are empty( everybody is i n bed except h er a crumpled coca- cola can r o l l i n g down the d rain): wind and t he moon and stepsandsteps


so.still. un(o nly)stir ring — ar( tree)e(i n)you(th e)a sl(night) eep