Monthly Archives: August 2017


I remember an old neighbour Who after his wife passed on Sat for years in an empty porch Staring straight ahead at the sky Unblackening and blackening In the far horizon By the hanging, rusted lantern Smudged with old soot he was Like a cast of fading bronze His hands alone with any Semblance of […]


a looking bird absorbing shadow and sound who could be more silent: no – body


a long time ago a man caught between his teeth the sun brighter than uncovering secrets beneath i won’t let go, he breathes, in a vow ’til you make me gorgeous before i die so she did; and now at dusk sunsets colour the sky


white on black sky: a leaf naked in light falls from a tree wa f t i n g


through into the mind the streets of the mind with travelling thoughts in it (and keep going) i shall go out into the world the green silence-less world with a brown earth in it i shall go (and keep going) on into life the rhythms of life with ageless breathing in it i shall (and […]


you are more formidable than worry more feeble than promises more unrare than heartbreak more unusual than rain is wet there is no universe wider than your giving his humour more different than laughter he is never less big than alone less small always than others less deep neither than the sea less high nor […]


truth is more real than reason can obfuscate more untouched than perceptions did ravage whiter is truth than blank, indestructible no less than air but life is more than trueness is pure sans which the magic uncurling of a new leaf is nullified by knowing their doomed falling or does the heart in my mind […]