Monthly Archives: July 2017


Poetry is a river And through This river of poetry Flows Without beginning or end All rivers of the country You and I are a country, and In this country of You and I Lives With colour and calmness All countries of the world


beautiful is drifting in the nameless waters between unsleep and sleep * * freedom comes not from being a fugitive — never mind an adversary; taking into soft intimacy your quiet and strong tormentor delivers the key * * happiness is falling silently into this myself non-self unself now * * still, is a dust […]

our story

few words the most delicate of narratives interfacing memory imagination perception meditation on meanings it is dense as thicket a day in the tropics people call that a poem


let’s suddenly live without thinking in our honest land; wind does, the mind of brainily-moving air locked on the fierce dream of destination. by dusk light has swallowed up the earth so fiery trees glisten in the shadows, with sweat let’s live like a glance that echoes and let’s as meaning and rest, as silence […]