Monthly Archives: April 2017


Waiting at the lights For a pedestrian to pass Brought up something I thought I’d long evaded: The way I feel about him I have avoided for years — and counting — Afraid I would love too much. I watched the clean smooth strides Profile drenched By the saffron sky Shadow broad and tall Diagonal […]


There is a body inside my body She is transparent Yet she holds me up Like a stake on the ground In strange circumstances one must Quiet oneself to carry on Before you are quiet Which are you When you have been quiet You can be one And when you’re busy With quiet you are […]

A Lovely Thought

Here I am at my desk: dawn Is slanting through the window It is a brisk inviting day I am feeling eloquent On a sudden shift of the April air I leave to let ride my poem — And she is off! across the blue Into the horizon An editor picks up from the Footpath […]


in the warm-lit classroom of memory sits my heart happy like a first-grader humming like the whimsiest wind, ’til the headmistress of my mind takes the chair next to her those dreams having been a fugitive folded now as a letter in my pocket undelivered and these are missing: the energy of awakening, of transformation […]


My next poem will have a box in it Not too big, with TRUTH inscribed On the lid which if you tilt an inch Wisps of vapour like apparition will Send love to their treacherous grave The next poem will have Spring in it where Across the fields moves a September wind Bringing leaves and […]