Monthly Archives: March 2017


There is no infinity that stretches like silence No noise as empty as pride


after February comes a woman with long golden hair exhaling her red soul on leaves of manuscript whose magnificent eyes and quiet smile adore walks and books dappled afternoons her small bare feet swift liquid strides tempering tending to fires in the bowels of the earth but so gently does she enter our gates of […]


yes is tropical sunshine but’s like ice ours not mine is rain filling the air with sweetness let’s the break of dawn together rather than either’s when roses begin to blossom us is utopia reason snatches them in one stormy fist reality the pile of bricks, heavy, here, on my chest

silence and words

saying what cannot be put in words his hands warm and strong and kind have their own mood and vocabulary; inside the most imperceptible of gestures is a soft summery breeze that in sweeping aside my hair holds and envelops me yet there is a silence in his eyes a silence in which I see […]