Monthly Archives: February 2017

It Is So Long

Since we touched Locked together by a mystery calmness As if in a strange city Where all the past with which our bodies Were jammed became an epiphany So long Since you rearranged my mind Like a hand rearranges a window Placing carefully here an old thing A new thing there Moving back and forth […]


We are bound together As a race Not by the way we Hate or hurt Nor by how much we Grieve and love But by oblivion — The last word in Our common fate

Age of Innocence

Who are you, little V, what will you be At four or five Perched on a tricycle In the front porch of the old house Watching rain pour down the eaves And thinking: If this means the sky’s been breathing It is a wonderful thing

The Anatomy of Space

Its shape, grooming The blurring of words: Space and void Of matter or speech Feelings, even life Space can be a decision Rigorously implemented A strength of will There is content, in space — it is A country with history and culture Not to be confused Ever with nothingness