This Voice

This deep voice
Is an installation;
It occupies the room
Where it holds down light.
It is wisdom you allow
To come inside
That points and pierces
With extravagant muscles.

I have at times opened
Myself to the installation
Watched it wander down corridors
Chalk in pocket
Under the arm a blackboard
Then find a room
And at its centre
Me — and the voice.

Approaching the work
The installation sees itself
Entering me
Pushing through lanes
Carrying tools
Discover a room
And there away from the walls
The voice and me.

Now sitting here
Within the voice
Within me
I glimpse the installation
Lost through folds like doors
In passageways
To places
No-body quite knows.


  1. I especially like the wisdom that points and pierces with extravagant muscles.

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  2. Very interesting, and there is a feeling of longing here. I liked.

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  3. I remember Robert Bly writing me once to say “the wound is a path” — I’m new to your blog, but from what I gather your work here is shaped by a primary relationship. To do so reveals how deep and wide such things can go, how extraordinary and varied the creative responses can be. For me the essential relationship is between I and Thou — self and the Other: to draw those close yet far apart is fertile work. I look forward to reading more here …

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  4. Kerry O'Connor · · Reply

    I like the cyclic nature of this poem, the recurring words and images.

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  5. Oh, this is an interesting idea. I liked following the installation all the way through.


  6. The reference at the end to pathways glimpsed that even you don’t know –


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