Dad once said
Everything is a metaphor
For something else;
Why then when I think of
You the metaphor that
Keeps coming to mind is
A house in which one
Room is always locked


  1. Great writing.

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  2. It is often a normal occurrence to find that the generation gap is a reality!


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  3. Whoa! Chilling….makes me wonder why!

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  4. Ah, that one locked room. I have known people like that. Well expressed.

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  5. I wonder about that one locked room, the one without a view.

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  6. Sadly sharing ones past has not always been popular. Those secrets seem tantalizing but often war, poverty or even mistakes made are things to hide away behind that locked door.

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  7. These words say so much!

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  8. Whew! Still looking for the key? 🙂
    That was very powerful work.

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  9. Beautiful, but sad. How are you Vera?

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