Monthly Archives: December 2016

This Voice

This deep voice Is an installation; It occupies the room Where it holds down light. It is wisdom you allow To come inside That points and pierces With extravagant muscles. I have at times opened Myself to the installation Watched it wander down corridors Chalk in pocket Under the arm a blackboard Then find a […]


Dad once said Everything is a metaphor For something else; Why then when I think of You the metaphor that Keeps coming to mind is A house in which one Room is always locked

In The Country

I’m sorry, but I belong to me. Again. Out walking in the country our umbrellas collide Driving us apart, shocked, apologetic. He and I, shoes damp from rain, are alone on the Path, fields blurring at the edges. He and I, preoccupied, distant like peace, Keeping up then and now laconic dialogue, Humour, manners, tension, […]