Monthly Archives: April 2016

Under The Tree

Grasping a handful Of earth where His ashes were spread And where he’d burnt His manuscript I cannot know if This is his or him


It reads your pulse, comfortable as dusk, Comfortable that time flows where it must, And strength back in recrudescence of life, That the hands of the sisters Sufficiency and Sun Smear upon eyes and cheeks, Some pearly pink and deuce of light. For there is no vacancy; alone, I have chartered The place. I put […]

Light, my raison d’etre

Light, my raison d’etre A crack in the sky, the sleepy white of your eyes, the company I am happy with, Clasped hands swinging down the quiet path, The grass whitened by footprints of overnight mist, Leaves coloured by autumn red and gold and purple and brown, Orange, burning rim of cigarettes The tip-toe of […]

How Long Were We Black

You and I, how long were we black Now emerging, we slowly rise, as a plant after landslide There is colour, long have we kept out, but now it returns We return; we are the colour We are music, strawberries, lace, cinemas, literature We are here; we are of the human race We are walks […]


My glance long and oblique up the bus caught Of a man and a woman side by side on a seat Behind the driver one blustery autumn day; And I, perched by the back window in a corner, Of somebody whom I knew, and who knew me, but less, Quietly approaching from the steps, down […]


Look, two hands Whose twists wring out the cloth And the bucket Bucket full of black water Like a closed piano. The surface jumps and scowls Like when a dead heart Drops in blood Like the moon upon Sleepless rooms. It spills and rolls, Turns — a head, there it is, Shrunken, white, Eyes blank, […]