Two Variations


blackness on blackness : grease running upon
asphalt : down a moonless street : or
black ink on black paper : your favourite
shirt : hanging too big : across my shoulders :
over black cotton : between my legs : crows
crouched like a broken umbrella before the storm : light
carrying disaster beneath her dress : the shape
of your sleep against my back : scorched humour
of time : and life : griefs that cicadas list : skin shining
blackly half above the water : out of and into
the surface : as through to the other side of the earth


The room is quiet and the door unlocked
Wherefore I step inside, despite the darkness that will,

As it does so every time, arrest and keep me
Standing, freely feeling, while it swells

Backwards out and down the hall, among the
Muslin, about the framed pictures

Bearing down on the solitary candle in the
Untouched basement with inimitable intimacy

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