To Bring You Back

I would do anything
I would go to gatherings and stay the night
I would do James Joyce’s Ulysses or stop reading
I would swim the clipper route, climb Elbrus

To bring you back

I would play computer games and lose with grace
I would sleep with open doors and starch my sheets
I would tick the box True then tick the box False
I would shoot the Pope

I would lie naked under summer’s mid-day sun
I would spend my days in a Casino
I would set my house on fire or let taps run
I would take heroin

I would push the piano off the cliff
I would amputate my tongue and cauterise her wound
I would do twenty years as the Secretary-General at the UN
I would be a prostitute

I would be a politician and hijack a plane
I would feed the wolves in me I want to starve
I would eat meat and swallow nails
I would let my demons win

I would give up and I would give in
I would break my own legs, fall on their knees
I would live in a purgatory the rest of my life
To bring you back

I would do anything

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