Monthly Archives: August 2014

Spring Song

Spring approaches with grass between her toes Odinga on the air; as water reflects from billowing skin blossoms spun in hair she holds you in her eyes and says, “Take my hand, walk with me.”  

Stationery of Memories

Inside my desk is a photograph; it lies there — without dust, unseen by strangers, always present when the drawer is opened. I turn to my journal, and between busy pages is a poem in looped-cursive hand, preserved, like a bookmark of petals. Flowing from my pen words that skitter across the page smell of […]


The darkness outside the open window drew out and for a moment I could see the trees bending in a strange yellow light like those in the old photographs of his handsome youth. It was dark again and the wind blew in hassling the pages of an open book I’d been reading from his library. […]