Poetry feels sometimes like an expiation And yet with words of the near-past I’d also been building debt Is this all meant to bring us closer to being an animal That is more right than man Never in embarrassment, always knowing what to do Or when I try here to create you Am I really […]

blouse button black thread lock up the alter ego sign repatriation papers with life’s purgatory re-pot the dandelion water the peace-lily push the waste-bins out leave the empty recycling-can fold the week’s laundry reorganise the mind’s drawers call your mother charge the mobile-phone clean the bathroom-mirror love yourself wipe down the pieces of your personality […]

Clarity is rarely expected A relaxed focus A pattern out of Pale constellation Provocative Understanding I would never ask you to Explain it away What astonishes me is our ignorance Of our will to delude ourselves * * Again I realise how reality Confounds our picture gallery (The one who says we could Make one […]

The old letters. A slender pile bound with a raffia string. Where expressions are droll and careful. The quiet discourse. The slant of the night-lamp across the page. I, writing with an exploratory hand. You, answering my movements as nobody else ever had. Where the hours are small, I am at home, the crickets listing […]

The wind breathing its bushfire breath Hour upon hour outside the window The starting and starting And again starting of a new letter The shape of emotions coursing through, then retreating from, The lines over and over, as A tributary sucks from and pours into A river its cloudy turmoil The inward labouring of fear […]

I guess you are reading this poem at the kitchen table the hanging lamp sprinkling a little glow over your head and the window blackened in the gently breathing house descended into quiet long past midnight. I guess you are reading this poem in an ancient tavern that hasn’t changed for as long as you […]

i was reflecting last night; i mean i was being reflected upon my bedroom window looking out on the white silence while sipping on warmed-up milk funny how i’d rarely colour sounds unless i am feeling corrupt or sexy then it occurred to me how difficult it is to hide from you not that i […]