She was dressed and sitting at the breakfast-table when I awoke, and I saw she was nervous. Her tentative eyes turned to look up at me; for the first time her nose was not in a novel. “We have to leave soon,” she said. “Our appointment with Mr McGuinness is at 8:30.” It was our […]

I am helping my mum into her new Saucony trainers that are black with white soles. We have left the shop where we bought them; without a shoe-horn, she has a problem. Kneeling before her, I draw at segments of the cross-woven laces, snug in their eyelets, spread the collar of each shoe, smooth out […]

i settle back into my budget airline seat i shall be occupying for the next seven hours i close my eyes, and nestle deeper, feeling unexpected ease it does not bother me that all i can hear is carry-on bags scraping into overhead compartments because i listen the way i would listen to the river […]

The State Library in late evening is an ancient world: low light outside trickling through glassed-ceilings, wooden floors gleaming against the dimness, shadowed figures about to leave. These quiet hours you walk into the musty odours of old volumes, feel the movement of a hushed dialogue, like stiff wind upon brushwood. The time of your […]

People today use their cell-phones way too much. They are busy all the time. You see their mouths move animatedly while they are driving. They don’t stop at pedestrian-crossings; they go in the wrong direction on one-way streets. In the office tuck-shop workers satiate their eyes with someone else’s lunch on Instagram. Across the table, […]

On Tram 48, running from Balwyn North to Victoria Harbour Docklands, where all the footy bums come on-board, enroute to the stadium, there is one who has a large-screen cellphone in which she uses to write, from stop to stop. She touches upon the alphabets, without obvious hesitation, quickly, her thumbs tip-toeing across the keyboard, […]

I got off the city-tram last night, and turned up a narrow alley-way, that led to the bus-stop for my connecting ride home. The doors to coffee-shops were closed; a black umbrella lay broken in one corner; and on the concrete ground was imbedded a message of the heart. Somebody loved somebody who loved her […]