I dreamed I wrote you a postcard To say: It was a pleasure But it got lost in the mail and never arrived The waste of my emotions is like this Trying to preserve civility in the face of rupture One could not break in a moment the habit of thought Habit holds you closely […]

No, let me have this ash This fistful of grey powder, dryly littering These verses moving like blood from the heart Running fiercely back along the arteries, or Like trains On an inner city circle, every station One stop nearer to the end, and then One farther away, if you could talk about an end […]

I was about to pack up for the day when the boss walked into our department. It was half past five, so the office was nearly empty. “Ah, both of you,” he said, gesturing to Paul and me. “Glad you’re still here.” I pulled a chair towards him, and Paul trotted over, straightening his after-hours […]

I sat at a coffee-shop I saw an unhappy child Cupcake creamy on dirty floor Tonsils shaking the baby-chair   Opposite her a mummy-model With caked-on make-up Snapped a loud selfie Eye-lashes pleasantly fake   And some twenty feet away   The father A scrawny tall man Elbow perched on high counter One foot crossed […]

I am not a seeker for The missing piece Things that were ever needed To complete me have long Lain inside Irregular, vivid, malleable fragments Are strewn across my heart This is from where my personality comes Even when it becomes catastrophic Even when it calls for some rearranging Rearranging By somebody        […]

At our desks How still we sit Ponderous as black-lace cliffs Facing a deadpan sea You, the El Capitan I, the Bunda Cliffs, rock Etched smooth and deep in places Worked with the thread and needle of air Contemplation engulfs our silence We are becoming more intricate We are slowly carved by time The seasons, […]

I gave my eyes to love and this Made it hard to see Then it took me prisoner But I named no names I afforded it my words They were taken and burned My poetry a torched Muslim villager Her body a cloud of pain My life was torn Between torture and escape      […]